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Eat whole foods.

Be active.

That’s it. There is no catch.

This is available on the ‘jobs’ page for the benefit of those thinking of joining the company. Bias for Action is my favorite. “Bias for Action: Speed matters in business. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We value calculated risk taking.”

Great product: Whale tea infuser. Link 

Beyonce is amazing

Austin Kelon

Ben Horowitz

Josh Kaufman

Amos Oz

I love Casey Neistat. I know this will sound hokey, but I am really blessed to have found him in a magazine on a flight from Colorado last August and to be inspired by him since. Here is a two-minute video from him on eliminating obstacles between you and your work.

"He always asks me to consider ‘what’s the one thing you believe that no one else believes?’ That’s the opportunity."
— Tristan Walker quoting Marc Andreessen in Fast Company April 2014.

This is how Jewish Torah looks like. More specifiaclly, this how the first page of all of the books of the Talmud looks like.

Yesterday I started a new Tractate, another of the 60+ volumes of the Babylonian Talmud. This one is Sanhedrin “The High Court”, and it deals with various aspects of the Jewish justice system. For one interesting note, the Torah prescribes the death penalty for certain crimes, such as murder, kidnapping, adultery or idol worship. But according to the talmud, it was almost never administered (once in seven years was considered outrageous): The Torah and Talmud take “beyond reasonable doubt” extremely and excessively seriously.

Jews are called to study Torah every day. Called to bring God into their hearts, minds, and homes through the holy words. In the school I follow, there is great pride in being a “Jack of all Trades” in your Torah study: to know a little bit about everything and to cover all the books in your lifetime. Amen.

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This is a wonderful episode on stopping to do things.

It’s interesting that the research says that people who are able to quit stuff have less stress. They go into a discussion of sunken costs vs opportunity costs. They discuss how we love the pain of staying. Take a listen.

My personal idea is to eliminate streets and only keep highways. Allow people to keep their cars at certain locations (free or cheap) and to then walk or take trolleys from there - similar to subway stops. So take Manhattan for example. We would keep the West Side Highway and the FDR. Then make 5 ‘park and ride’ style structures along each. Then have a very fast rail network taking you around town. Maybe driverless cars or Hybrid taxis. I don’t know what to do with trucks who deliver furniture and pallets of fruit. Also the disabled. But it’s an idea!

Boulder, Colorado get lots of floods, “a result of its seat at the intersection of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains” (Source: Fast Company). Check it out on Google Earth. It looks amazing. 

I’m amazed by Zuckerberg. He is not only a founder, but a leader, CEO, visionary, all these. He doesn’t stop reinventing. Great Jewish kid. 

This Fast Company piece talks about corporate selfiesTake a Selfie with this jug of Tide”. 

Another FC link: Comedy Central’s Michele Ganeless put together the most amazing stable of talent and is managing them quite well. Here she talks about the process of finding them and of her appreciation for diversity. Key quote “Okay, we have probably the broadest, most diverse portfolio of talent that we have ever had, many of whom have multiple ideas in their heads. We couldn’t be better positioned.” With this attitude and respect for talent, you don’t need complicated succession plans

This guy wanted to quit his job and live in the country. He developed his “Fuck You Fund" while working a 9-to-5. 

This is advice on managing overload. I particularly like the tip to “externalize" stuff. Put it on paper, out of your mind. No more ‘mental notes’.

I’m in charge of large marketing projects at a world-famous company. I have had many successes, Thank God. People often ask me how I do it. I’m not saying this just because I’m proud. I’m actually helping you here, fair and honest. But here are my personal habits of project management:

Use Your Inbox. You are chained to your Outlook or you Google all day, aren’t you? Use it to your betterment! Email yourself everything. Your inbox is, by default, your best to-do list. Everything either in your inbox or your calendar. Don’t use the tasks function.  

Find a way to keep track of all your projects. Excel sheets with columns and colors work for me. Three columns: Goal, is the general thing or goal we want to do (Holiday Content 2014), Status, where we are up to (In Motion), Next Action is what we need to do, what we are waiting for, who something was delegated and deadlined to. (Meeting Designer April 4). I throw in a little color here and there. image

Walk around a lot. You will things from people to get things done for you boss. It’s best if people know you, what you do, what you look like, who you report to, etc. (and like you or respect you. But at least know you.) So walk around a lot. Meet people all day. Don’t email and don’t call. Walk over to desks. (People might get annoyed but you can’t afford to care. You are forced to choose between being amazingly effective or possibly kinda liked. Choose effectiveness, love might follow.)

Walk confidently. Keep your shoulders square and your head high. You need to walk around like you own the place. You need to keep acting as if people like you. Never stop asking for things. 

Don’t react to negative emotions in kind. Be cool. Keep working and working at it. Negative people fall by the wayside eventually. 

Don’t let people wait for decisions. In your projects, try not to let decision bureaucracies to suck the energy of them. You have the right to push your bosses to make decisions quickly and get out of the way.  

Any strategy is good. A plan can’t really fail. It’s usually not worth debating exactly how to do something - there are exceptions. See the next rule, too. 

Yield. Don’t compromise on the direction but defer to (those considered) experts on the final mile. 

Rhythm. Complete different tasks in your peak and less-than-peak times. They are not the same tasks. You always have those great things and those trivialities on your plate, as well as those small personal things we all do at work (drop off the cleaners around the corner, have that 15-minute phone call with Hertz). There’s your schedule and your microschedule. 

Email well. Indicate action required or FYI. Use bold type to indicate calls to action. I read this somewhere once. 

Say No. “It’s not an area I’m passionate about. I would like to delegate this.” Your boss will accept this. 

Advice I got

I’m the aggressive and proactive type, as evident from the advice I got from the most senior people at the company I work for. People who depend on me every day, but who also see my weaknesses

Know when to shut up and to defer to others. Know when you are not supposed to outshine or outtalk.

Drive can come across as intimidating. Be careful.

If you are liked, people will want to ask your opinion. If you are feared, people will avoid you and hide from you.

Don’t go around fixing others and other departments.

Don’t manage other managers into taking ownership away from others. They need to be allowed to succeed or fail and be judged. Don’t take ownership away.

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